First Month in Africa

Village life and cliff jumping. Off to a good start.


2 thoughts on “First Month in Africa

  1. That darn RoadRunner of a Land Cruiser!! Nostalgia to the max. I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed watching your journey in Tanzania. Thank you for reminding me to continually pray for you and your team. Not to be awkward or showy in any way, but Meghan Fitzmartin has taught me that text prayers are very effective in the Kingdom of God, so here goes:

    I pray for safe travels and good health, but only the amount needed to accomplish what God has set out for you to do. I pray that God continually opens your eyes and grows your hearts 3x too big for these people that you’ve barely just met. I pray that in the moments of fear, doubt, anger, insecurity, and lonliness, that you remember that God’s strength begins at the place where human strength ends. I pray that your spirits will be humbled every day by the fact that the God of the universe loves you way too much and that has chosen each and every one of you for such a time as this (I pray that the people you meet along the way will realize that the same applies to them). I pray that God will use your pain, sufferings, and shortcomings as a redemptive healing power that brings a tribe to its knees. I pray that when you look into the eyes of the little kidlins and the women and the men of Tanzania that you see them the way God does with all of His light and love radiating from their faces. I pray that you take in every moment for what it’s worth, and that whether you permenantly live there, leave and come back again, or never return that God would forever put a limp in your spiritual step that keeps you from ever being silent about His love, His power and His glory.

    From those of you that I’ve known for a while to those that I’ve never even talked to before, thank you for answering God’s call and being faithful in your obedience. You guys are truly an inspiration and an example to us all.

    Stephanie, I love you so much!!! Hopefully I will get to talk to you soon! 🙂

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