Welcome to the Struggs Bus

Remember me, guys? 

It’s been a fat minute since I last was able to do another one of these semi self-indulgent updates.

The last month I’ve been running all over the country, literally, documenting the ORU Bible drop. Tori and I picked up the team of eight guys (Seth, Michael, Jason, Daniel, Tim, Ryan, Matt, and Smitty (who’s real name is also Michael) in Dar on the 13th of May and quickly threw ourselves into the grind, driving two days back to Kansansas. We stopped along the way to pick up Ben (17) and Kate (18), the two oldest children of our missionary friends who run a clinic about four hours away in Kapenta. After spending nearly six years living in Tanzania with their families, they’re basically locals at this point, and beyond being amazing translators, they’ve become amazing friends to all of us. We loaded up supplies and such in Kansansas and left well before the sun on the 16th to arrive in Ugaraba to start handing out the 13,000 some Bibles we had. 

It would be futile to explain all the travel struggles of this journey. The closest way to summarize it all is to say that our 7 hour drive ended up taking three days.

Injuries from the pikis, hours of work to repair them, dehydration, getting stuck overnight in rivers, sleeping in the car, getting upupu (a plant usually airborne during the dry season that itches like mad) all over the guys in their sleep, two days without food, the car battery dying, three days without bathing, swamps and all the smells accompanying, building fires out of bamboo, using the wench to get out of ditches seven times in one day, fevers, one of our guys fracturing his scapular… the list goes on and on.

Missions, baby.

Once we finally arrived in our camp (after a solid week in the truck), the guys split into teams to distribute the small Agano Jipyo (New Testament) bibles out to the surrounding villages, along with the a local guiding them and one of our translators. Kashaguru, Kalia, Sibwesa are just a few that we completed during that week. While I’m still waiting on the final numbers for how many bibles we’ve given out, I can say our aim was to make sure we gave out one per family in each village.

We’ve since moved back to Mpanda using the church compound as our home base. It’s been freezing and we’ve been camping in our tents, but other than the one night of all night prayer (loudly) it’s been nice to snuggle in our sleeping bags. I’ve been going out with the guys documenting and I’m so proud of their attitudes and hard work, even when the people don’t want us or our bibles near their houses.

Currently, I’m almost done with day two of dehydration, day three of fever. I’m being too lazy about drinking water, because I keep wanting to throw up when I do, but I continue to force myself. The guys are out dropping more bibles and I believe we have one more day of full dropping bibles before we start heading back to Kansansa then onto Dar.

This update is short because I don’t have a lot of energy, but my spirits are doing pretty well. Just pray that we can finish the bible drop just in time to get these guys some rest; they’ve been working so hard, faced so many obstacles and I’d just love for them to finish strong and finally REST.


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