sick, thankful & dreaming

I’m more and more convinced that monotonous, working-just-to-pay-the-bills jobs aren’t for me… at least not for long periods of time. I can, and must, in order to move forward with my year, and while I like my job, sometimes you just don’t want to wake up at 6 am to pour coffee for people–no matter how sweet and elderly they may be. 

Working like this doesn’t make me feel alive or excited… just tired. 
Doesn’t help much that I’ve been icky-sicky since Tuesday night.
As I’ve mentioned before both these things can make me pretty mopey and it doesn’t take long for my spirit to wilt.

So I thought I’d take this moment in time to simply share how grateful I am for my life, more for me than anyone else.

I am grateful for the opportunity to save money and be somewhat financially independent.
I am grateful for the strength to say “no” to take care of myself.
I am grateful for my little Mustang and how she gives me the privilege of getting myself around.
I am grateful for porcelain toilets, hot water whenever I want, scented candles, air conditioning and clean blankets when I’m feeling sick.
I am grateful to be in the same house as the four most important people in the world to me: Mom, Dad, Christina and Sarah.

It’s too easy to start taking everything for granted. 
But nothing is forever. 
Especially not a seasonal job.
Especially for a wanderer.

I am thankful for the now, and I am thankful for dreams of the future.
Let me never be so stuck on one, that I miss the other. 

Image ImageImage



(Future dreams coming soon!)


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