A Letter to Myself

On my way back to the States from Tanzania, we were encouraged to write letters to be mailed to ourselves a month later. Mine arrived yesterday (which was over five months later, I might add) and I was stunned by how encouraging past me was for present me.


Friday, 15 November 2013
Dear Stephanie,

One month home already—can you believe it? I’m sure things are still weird for you. You will probably concede that it’s all surface things (and it may will be) but I hope you’re diving into all that Jesus is. Don’t you forget that it was the moments at the feet of Jesus that changed you from a cynical, angry, insecure man-eater to a more hopeful, more peaceful, more loving woman who brings life and not death. 

Nothing this year is a great a triumph to Him that the change wrought in you—you told Tori at the beginning of the year, the greatest waste would be to remain the same… without growth.

Give God more credit, He doesn’t waste.

Your heart is full of passion to keep moving, keep growing (it’s still there underneath all the distraction, don’t worry)—if you could prioritize that one thing: keep your 6 – 7 or 7 – 8 am hour with Jesus. Watch your eyes, ears, mouth. What are you putting in? Choose podcasts, encouraging books, good music. It’s for you more than anyone else. You make the decisions you need to in order to maintain that intimacy with Jesus.

“Don’t make the praise from nominal Christians for acting biblical principles make you a hero. Always remember where you came from and approach even the most ‘unworthy’ with all the compassion I showed and all the humility I chose. Love is choosing to put yourself at the mercy of others who don’t understand, even though you could stop it.

Finally, remember Ecclesiastics 3:11 and your call to ‘awaken hearts to eternity’. Being in America isn’t a waste. It isn’t simply preparation. It’s life. Another fact, another part. There’s testing before a vision to pass… to willing to walk away from whatever necessary to follow Jesus… whether that’s a relationship or India or your family or America.

Remember the overwhelming, undeserved, ever-present, unchangeable, loving-kindness of our Jesus.

He will not fail.

Love always,


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