Playing the game and
Smiling and
Managing it all

It’s a lot of work to be appreciated these days and
It almost costs you your soul
If it’s even cool to say that anymore, I wouldn’t know.

One more picture,
One more text,
One more touch,
One more story recited
In hopes that this “one” is it.

It’s a tired old game, one we all engage in, playing, rearranging ourselves
Don’t you just find yourself looking at the face of another and think,
“That used to be me”.

And where do we get off, being so smug and condescending to “them”,
Like “we put ourselves here” and this is the “gospel of our choices”…
But who even told you there were options besides this?

That used to be me?

They are the guilty,
I am the redeemed.
I am not the sum of my past choices,
but they are, because
“His grace is sufficient” and “some people never change”.
Out of both
Sides of our mouth,
Salt and sweet,
Cold and heat.

But don’t you ever look at the face of another and think,

“That used to be me”.

– 1 Corinthians 1


2 thoughts on “

  1. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable. Thanks for sharing.

    I can see there’s a lot of internalized shame going on with inside you. Presenting an image because to be truly known leaves you feeling like people think you’re gross and unlovable. That’s definitely my own battle too…

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