a new view

Just the briefest of notes to celebrate something that I’m super excited about: I got a new job!

Wings of Shelter, the non-profit organization that owns/runs the safe house that I’ve worked weekends at for the past year offered me a full-time position as their programs coordinator/executive assistant last month. I’m still sort of surprised because on paper (and truly, even in real life) I’m under qualified, so I’m super excited and extremely humbled that I get a shot at working with them in this capacity.

I think the amazing thing for me is how I can see Jesus working out the road for me to get here. I think of little baby Stephanie, sobbing over her laptop at seventeen because she just read her first article about human trafficking and she wanted to do something, anything. I’d never been so rattled and so throughly struck to my core over anything at that point in my life.

Throughout college, my time on the mission field, coming home and my visit to India last year, my heart has stayed pretty fixed on fighting it and I’ve done the best I can to absorb information wherever I can: documentaries, articles, symposiums, training sessions. I’ve looked at well known organizations over the years like The Polaris Project, The A21 Campaign and International Justice Mission pouring over job descriptions realizing that I lacked the specific education that most groups wanted.

But here we are, with a new opportunity that I can’t believe I get a chance at–so, so thankful that Jesus sent me this type of fan mail. He’s doing stuff, even when I forget He is. Meanwhile, I’ll be getting used to a more flexible schedule (and some pretty heavy administrative duties) that will allow me the freedom to do more exploring than I have recently. I think I could get used to that.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
my new work view

Ready, set, on to the next adventure!


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