get up an hour early: day three

“Most of us feel like we don’t have any time to write. So make time. The best time to write (for many people) is in the early hours of the morning before the distractions take over. Writing first thing in the morning allows you to have the “writer’s high” all day long. You know you’ve done something good even before breakfast.”

I had a plan to wake up early this morning–I even went to bed early last night. I have no idea what happened to me, but I’m pretty confident that my spirit left my body around 9 pm last night. It was the kind of soul-tired-ness where your eyelids are heavy and everywhere you settle is deliciously comfortable and you just can’t be bothered to move. I worked a 9 hour day back and forth between towns, trained a volunteer, organized the weeklong activities–and I love what I do. I got a call from one of our girls that left the safehouse a few months ago and she told me how much she missed me and how she thinks of me all the time. For whatever reason once I got off the phone I couldn’t hold back the tears, which added to the general sleepiness.

Overall, it was a good kind of time; the kind where you know you’re slowly being spent, but it’s on something you love, for people you love. It’s a still, contented sort of tired.

So still that I snoozed through my alarm and woke up at 8 am instead of 7 am.

So instead of writing before my day began, I’ve made several calls, put some dates on the calendar, sent some emails, made a do-to list, fed myself breakfast, put gas in my car and made it to Starbucks, where I’m now taking a mini break before I work more tonight. But the point is that it’s still early, and I’m still writing and I still have the writer’s high that comes from doing what you set out to do.

I’ve been writing off of the little daily prompts, which seem to turn more topical in the next few days, so we can all look forward to that. I think that perhaps when I go through this first round of 31 days, I’ll go through it again and dedicate the 500 words to a particular project (maybe an Africa memoir?). I did the math last night and if I write a minimum of 500 words (which is literally impossible for me if I really care about something (#longwinded)) in a month I’ll have 15,500 words on a particular subject. That’s only 30% of a normal NaNoWriMo goal, but still is something interesting to keep in perspective. Essentially, it’s more than doable–it’s just the commitment of saying “I will do this” and holding myself to it with little accountability. I still have over two months until November, but I’m actually seriously considering this 50,000 word goal. Regardless of all that, look here! I made it to a third day of writing and it’s not even lunchtime.

please enjoy this gif of my forever teenage crush: Chase Hammond and blond girl who is not me from the classic 1999 film,
Please enjoy this gif of my forever teenage crush: Chase Hammond and this blond girl who, regrettably, is not me. (From the classic 1999 film, “Drive Me Crazy”)

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