Persuade me: day eleven

This is literally the prompt that the entire world thinks they’ve received and the one I literally never want receive. I hate having to use persuasion on people.

Unfortunately all I can think about at this point.


1. the action or fact of persuading someone or of being persuaded to do or believe something.

When I was seventeen, I took a speech class at community college. One of our three or four assigned speeches was a persuasive speech on why we thought people should or shouldn’t do [fill in the blank]. I think half the class did presentations on why you shouldn’t smoke cigarettes, which was highly informative to me because I’d barely even seen cigarettes in my life.

This assignment came to me at a time where my cinnamon roll level sweetness was at an all time high (nay, its peak thus far in my life) and I, all daisies and sunshine that I was, used my speech time to explain why everyone should get involved in charities. I talked about our local shelters for abused women/the homeless and I wore TOMS and I was so, so sincere. I’m not sure that I changed anyone’s mind, but I meant it–heck, I mean pretty much everything I say with the intensity of a thousand suns.

So young, so hopeful, so determined to save the world.

I don’t use persuasion all that much because I don’t like when the feeling I get when other people use it on me. I have a major stubborn streak and I have the impression of myself being resolute and unchanging–I don’t use persuasion on people because I figure they’re as stubborn and as disinterested in it as I am.

But I digress.

I’m supposed to be teachable. So here’s my all persuasiveness in action.

(I’m laying here in bed almost asleep trying to think about something I care enough about to try and make other people do. Still thinking. Still thinking. Maybe I should just make a running list of things I think everyone should do in their everyday lives? Sounds reasonable to me. My eyes are closed as I’m typing this.)

I believe if you don’t like what you’re doing for work, and it’s within your power to do do so, you should quit. Literally no one around you likes to hear you complain about your situation, so just try something different. Really. You’re not going to die if you make $3 an hour less somewhere else doing something you love. If you have to hustle for a few months, do it and be great. Leave your drama out of it and try to make the situation better for to everyone around you.

Staying in is better than going out most of the time. French fries are better than ice cream and every kind of coffee is better iced. Watch how a guy treats a server at a restaurant to see his true colors come out. Building walls keeps all the good people out along with the bad ones; stop doing that. Wear would you like, fashions change all the time and most of the time they aren’t flattering for anyone’s body. Do you. Eat green things and make yourself go running or do something because honestly you have a lot more energy and feel like hugging everyone. If it scares you (and is within reason), do it. No one ever grew from doing the same safe things all the time. If you’re ever feeling sad take a hot shower and make sure that your stomach is full–I promise you that whatever is happening is not as bad as you think it is. You’re probably just hangry.

Forgive yourself for the things you didn’t know and the mistakes that you made with the best of intentions. Baggage is your decision to hold onto. You may feel like it’s change around your ankle but you’re the one who keeps picking it up.

Get mad at God if you need to. He’s big enough to handle it, and if he’s not then he probably isn’t big enough to be our savior or do any of the other things he said he would. There’s a lot of things that go wrong in life and the only person who can really handle our anger and pain without shattering is Jesus.

(It always comes back to him. I like that I kind of can’t help it.)

I think I need to work on this persuasion thing. I don’t really understand it.


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