evaluate: day fifteen

“You’re halfway done. How do you feel? Are you tired, worn out? Or more energized than ever? Write about it all. No judgment or expectation. Just share how you’re feeling and what this challenge has meant to you so far. Are you a better writer, or a worse one? What changes do you notice in your attitude, in your actions? Share it all—and of course, do it in at least 500 words.”

Personally, I’m really impressed with myself that I’ve managed to do all fifteen prompts thus far. I’m a halfway decent writer, but I’m all too ready to admit that my biggest weakness in most areas of my life is consistency. While I’m not sure that the key to my struggles is to post something every single day like I have been (which I’ve been doing mostly to keep me accountable), I like seeing how reasonable it is to fit just 500 words into my daily schedule, regardless of the time of day.

I’ve noticed that it’s much better if I write mid-day or early evening, because the blogs I’ve been the least satisfied with have been the two or three that I’ve just sort of free written after 10 pm when my eyes are already heavy with sleep and my brain is foggy. My inspiration hits me best when I’m in Starbucks, slowly but surely hyping myself up on caffeine—something about it gets my creativity flowing. It’s not always practical to get day writing in, but this past week I’ve had a few unexpected free days that I’ve been able to capitalize on.

I feel like I’m much more free and bold with my writing at this point, as far as writing with minimal “I shouldn’t say that/I should say something different” moments that ultimately lead to me deleting sentences or paragraphs of my words at a time. I feel like I’m being more honest, which is both exhilarating and terrifying at once, and that makes me want to keep going. I don’t much understand the point of creating anything if it doesn’t come from a place of honesty.

I’ve noticed which prompts really spark an interest in me and which ones make me cringe, which has been helpful in solidifying the type of writing that I naturally prefer. It’s nice to realize that I’m better at documenting, reviewing and processing things as they are or as I perceive them rather than creating things out of nothing, and to know that is okay. I don’t have to measure myself by the other extremely talented writers I know and follow. If I can be honest, encourage the process and inspire/entertain others, then I feel like I’ve done the best I could with my writing.

My confidence is growing a bit more in the whole “does it matter what I have to say?” category. Writing really is something that I do more for me than anyone else—if it’s at all enjoyed by another human being that is such a gift to me, but I know that I need to do it to live fully awake.

At this point I am looking at my blogs and considering what I could do to improve them or what kind of topical schedule could I get myself on so I’m publishing blogs at least twice a week. I’d like to keep writing the 500 (or so) words though because that’s so much easier than I anticipated. I might even double it up to 1,000 words for my next round of 31 days! (Look at me, so over the top after two weeks of writing consistently.)

I don’t usually put out many questions on my blog because I don’t always get responses, but I thought I’d throw it out here to get a feel for how my voice is received. Whether or not I’m able to implement everything is still up in the air, but I’d enjoy getting some feedback on things.

What have I written that you guys enjoy the most? What do you want to see more of? What do you want to see less of?


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