write in someone else’s voice: day nineteen

“Borrow the style of your favorite novelist or create an alter ego version of your own voice. Get creative, and have fun. Take all kinds of liberties and explore what it’s like to write in the shoes of another person. When you’re done, see if there’s anything about this new voice that might be worth keeping.”

I had to do a bit of lazy research about alter egos to even get me in the mood for this prompt. I really love Charles Dickens, but there’s no reality where I could pull out something as epic as a Dickens novel in the next few minutes–looks like I need to create an alter ego.

To create my alter ego, my negative self, I have to think of who I am now. I’m sort of grey and white and muted color trending softly and comfortably into the room. I don’t draw attention, I’m always polite to strangers and I’m a warm sort of presence–only changing temperature when I feel someone unsafe getting too close.

My alter-ego–who is she? She’d have to be bright in color, and very few in words, but loud in deed. She probably wears a lot of low cut tops and red lipstick and asks for a lot of attention when she comes and goes. Or maybe all she cares about is purses and daily smoothies and Michael Kors. She isn’t afraid of anyone or anything and tells everyone exactly what she thinks. She’s the one in the room to start conversations that need to be started, whether they rattle everyone’s perceptions of reality or not.

She also loves these prompts and constantly having to talk from someone else’s perspective is something she feels qualified for and enjoys doing. She doesn’t doubt her ability to authentically portray things–especially from her own point of view. She doesn’t spend her time justifying her words, she just shares them and allows people to interpret them however they want.

She drives a motorcycle, I guess, and just for fun, she smokes cigarettes. Only once a week, though, when she listens to AC/DC and pretends she’s like Marlon Brando and she could have been somebody. (Is it 500 words yet? I really want to care, but I just don’t.)

It’s not what she looks like that really separates her from me. It’s mostly her attitude, I suppose. She wouldn’t ever sit down to write like this. There’s too much of the world that she has to take in her hands and internal musings aren’t for her.

She doesn’t second guess herself and love found her early–she married at 19 and it’s been a whirlwind journey but ultimately a happy one, even though she never ended up at college like her parents had anticipated. It’s not like she really needs him in that irritating Nicholas Sparks’ sort of way, but she does need him in that real sort of way; he gives her a home and a stillness that quiets her restlessness.

This was literally the most annoying of all the prompts for me so far and I’ve never been happier to reach 500 words, but I made it nineteen days! Thank goodness.


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