write about travel: day twenty-five

Oh, man, do I love this prompt. 


Maji Moto, Rukwa, Tanzania , EA (2013)
I’m blogging from my phone, from my bed and my toes have that wonderfully free feeling in the sheets that only comes from wearing closed toed shoes for several hours. 



Lake Placid , New York (2015)
Traveling is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world. Whether I’ve traveled with family, friends, or even in a few cases, solo, being on the road and seeing new sights is what gets me going. I love traveling around the continental United States and I’ve completely adored the times I’ve gotten to go overseas. My passport is one of my favorite earthly possessions, and my favorite fantasy is one where I have one backpack and a good pair of jeans and just get up and go. Live life on the road. 


Rukwa Valley, Tanzania, EA (2013)
Traveling changes you, and I love that. I love what a catalyst it is for growth and even more simply, how enjoyable it is. 

Traveling opens up your perspective and gives you a glimpse of a whole bunch of new “status quos” that are followed by even more people who are totally different than you in appearance, in priority, in ideals. You can only be enhanced by spending time with others who are different than you; there are so many opportunities to be shaped by the people you meet and the customs you learn. 


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (2014)
Traveling creates an fondness for familiar and fosters a hunger for the unknown all at once. It’s a complicated dichotomy, but one that brings more depth to your soul. It’s a freeing experience to know that you can created a home anywhere, belong everywhere. You don’t have to be tied to one location to feel okay and feel normal; if anything you recognize that you don’t feel normal anymore but it’s okay because you’re not “home”. You’re allowed to feel a bit out of place. 


Montreal, Quebec, Canada (2015)
Traveling is an amazing opportunity to shut your mouth, and open up your eyes. So much of life is spent speaking about things that we don’t understand much of anyway and often the best thing we can do is be a silent, watchful student. A new culture is something to be respected and slowly absorbed. A new place is to be explored and carefully dissected. A new custom or greeting is to be humbly practiced and honored. We’re presented with a chance to be like children again and to see the world a new way. 


San Jose, Costa Rica (2011)
Traveling is a measuring stick to determine our size in the world. We are so small and we need to get a proper perspective on our size in this crazy world. It creates an awe of Jesus that we didn’t have before. See more of what He’s made! Hear the names that He is called in other places (to this day, I love that His name is Tanzania is Yesu). Allow yourself to be small.


Little Arabia, Singapore (2012)
Half of the person I am today is because of how privileged I was to travel and experience things. I’ve had to wrestle with mindsets and concepts in a way I would have missed out on if I hadn’t traveled. For that, I am thankful and I’m looking expectantly to the future. Who knows what comes next?

Los Angeles , California (2015)

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