“I’m Going Ahead”

I went on a bike ride today.

It sounds like an excellent start to a Sunday and it definitely was, but it was an 11.46 mile bike ride.

I checked and the last time I went for a bike ride was about two months ago so I was a little rusty (read: slow). It was a perfect morning for it, though, sunny and low 70s with lots of shady spots during our journey (obviously I had my honey with me–I wouldn’t undertake something ridiculous like this on my own). I really enjoy bike riding; it’s good exercise but also enjoyable. I’m not like panting and wheezing just to get a sliver of oxygen in my contracted lungs the entire time.

Eddy is a beast so obviously he was able to go a lot faster than me. He was patient and stayed with me during all the sections of road side riding. Around mile six or so, we came to the “secret sidewalk” that cut back towards the direction of home–a wide strip that passed behind gated communities and retirement homes. After making sure I was alright with it and reassuring me he’d meet me at the end, Eddy sped off so he could actually get a serious workout and I continued on my own.

It wasn’t very long–honestly out of over eleven miles, the “secret sidewalk” probably lasted a mile and a half, maybe two miles. Despite that, it was considerably more difficult to keep myself pedaling without having him next to me, or even in eyesight than it was when we were going along together.

I was thinking as I rode along how easy it is to become tired or fatigued during the periods that we must go our journeys alone. Even when we have the promise of someone going on ahead and meeting us there, it’s easy to lose sight of that and feel suspended in the moment.

How many times has Jesus told me to keep going and maintain my consistent pace because He is going ahead and will meet me there? How many times have I allowed discouragement to cloud my vision and slow my progress because I couldn’t see Him next to me?

I made it to the end of the stretch to find that Eddy was exactly where he said he’d be: waiting for me at the end, ready to go the next stretch of the journey together. It was a poignant parallel to how I feel Jesus deals with me most of the time and I felt a great deal of peace in my spirit as I meditated on that for a while.

Happy Sunday from me, my now very sore legs and the One who either goes along with us or goes ahead to meet us at the end.


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