welcome to the family

I went to Naples Night of Worship a few days ago and I just wanted to write a tiny little note about what it meant to me.

The worship was held at New Hope, which is the church that spent all of my formidable years. I got saved in kids church in Mrs. Judy’s preschool class there (and she still invests in me to this day which means so much to me), I went to youth group there and I learned to serve there in every capacity from the altar ministry to the choir. There are people there who’ve known me from a little girl and I remember growing up in that building. It’s tremendously emotional for me whenever I come back to visit.

I’ve spent the last six months or so with Eddy searching for our own church to get involved in. After visiting about 3 different churches, we finally landed on Destiny, which we’ve been going to for about 6 weeks now. During that time we visited Livewire, Summit and Living Waters; all of which are wonderful churches.

The thing that I loved about the Night of Worship was how connected I felt to everyone and each congregation represented there. I could look on the stage and recognize worship leaders from all the different churches we’d visited, all cohesively worshipping together like one big family. I could look around the room and see different people who’ve sown into my life, people who know my parents, people I’ve gone on mission trips with, people I’ve learned under and served with. It was a wonderful, anointed time and it was exciting to see different “churches” come together as His Church and recognize that Jesus is our head and we are all part of His family.

I loved that.

How often do we take time to recognize our connection to Christ or to each other? How often do we gather as a family and just love Jesus well?

Not enough, I submit.

But I think this is a good place to start.

Thankful for all the passionate believers who pushed and believed for a night of unity and worship.

How else can we extend this and live in it out in our daily lives? I’ll be thinking of that this week and pondering the possibilities. What do you think?



One thought on “welcome to the family

  1. Beautifully said! Proud of you. This is the heart of God for all believers. To come together as 1 body to glorify His Name! I love it and I’ve never been a part of anything like it. I know it brings a smile to the Father’s heart!

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