starting is the hardest part

Starting is always the hardest part for me.

I’ve revisited this little blog several times over the last year, considering whether to start again or to continue on. After all, my little baby blog has actually made it to kindergarten. Nearly five years later, it’s still here.

My life is drastically different than even two years ago, let alone five years ago when I began this blog, sitting in a sweltering little apartment in Singapore on my off day, at twenty-one wondering if I’d make it through the next year away from my family on the other side of the world.

My life right now is the miracle I never thought I’d be living. I’m engaged to wonderful man (more on that to come), working a new job that combines my love of helping others, learning about new cultures and being pushed out of my comfort zone and I just made my last student loan payment this past month. I’ve been busy learning a new work environment and trying to begin wedding planning, and my writing has been pushed to the side, but I can’t ignore that I feel the most myself when I take time to process and write.

Starting is the hardest part for me.

But now, I’ve done it, and all I have to do is keep going.


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